Solution for search and compatibility of resumes of candidates and job vacancies using Artificial Intelligence. BR512023000848-6 · Issued Apr, 4, 2023.

This Applied A.I. solution uses a Deep Learning to retrieve best matches for job searches based on similarity of embeddings, deployed in an index.

Natural Language Processing algorithm for analysis of Contact Center calls. BR512020002649-4 · Issued Dec 1, 2020.

This Applied A.I. patent regards the use of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for speech analytics, including speech-to-text, data preparation and classification.

Cellular Automata Code to simulate artificial societies and social networks in C++ and Mathematica. BR RS 10950-1 · Issued Feb 1, 2011.

This patent presents a cellular automaton algorithm used to predict future interactions of consumers of aesthetic services, and was tested and validated in a real world environment, through quantitative research.