AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

CompTIA Security+

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer

Google Cybersecurity Certificate

Google Cloud Generative AI track

Google Cloud Professional Machine Learning Engineer track

Theory and Basics of Graph Neural Networks

Windows Privilege Escalation for OSCP & Beyond

Practical Web Application Security and Testing

Web application Penetration Testing

Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect track

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer track

Google Cloud Professional Network Engineer track

Malware Analysis

Practical Malware Analysis

Networking in Google Cloud

Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud Security Engineer

Security in Google Cloud

Malware Analysis

Offensive Pentesting

External Pentest Playbook

Intermediate Ethical Hacking - Hands on Training

Linux Privilege Escalation for Beginners

Movement, Pivoting and Persistence for Pentesters and Ethical Hackers

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Fundamentals

Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course

Windows Privilege Escalation for Beginners

Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course

Advanced C Programming Course

C Programming for Beginners

PySpark Essentials for Data Scientists (Big Data + Python)

Image Understanding with TensorFlow on GCP

Sequence Models for Time Series and Natural Language Processing

Building Batch Data Pipelines on GCP

Building Resilient Streaming Analytics Systems on GCP

End-to-End Machine Learning with TensorFlow on GCP

Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Modernizing Data Lakes and Data Warehouses with GCP

Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam

Production Machine Learning Systems

Programa de cursos integrados: Advanced Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

Programa de cursos integrados: Data Engineering with Google Cloud

Recommendation Systems with TensorFlow on GCP

Smart Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI on GCP